day 1


It has begun! I placed the first of i am a survivor cards in a public space. I felt a moment of release, and it felt good. My hope is that these cards will bring curiosity and acceptance. My fear though is a card will get ignored and thrown in the trash. Hopefully this card and all the ones to follow will brighten an individual’s day and find a home. This particular card and the thirteen cards to follow are actually from the first batch I silkscreened back in 2013. It also feels good to let them go. I’ll be creating more in the coming weeks.

Women’s March


The Women’s March was beautiful, powerful and inspirational! In my beautiful city of Portland, OR, 100,000 came together in solidarity. It was a beautiful sight to see thousands cross the city’s bridges to become as one. As I marched with my city and friends, old and new, I had experienced a beautiful human connection. During the march, someone tapped my left shoulder. I turned around, thinking it was someone in my group, and instead met eyes with a beautiful, kind soul. This beautiful stranger asked if she could give me a hug. I immediately replied, “yes!”. We thanked each other during our embrace, and the moment we’d shared together was magical. That human connection is why I marched. To stand together with every woman, every human, every artist, every survivor of sexual assault, every survivor of domestic violence, and every survivor of discrimination. A friend once told me everyone needs at least 8 hugs a day for growth and survival. January 21, 2017 was the beginning of human connection, growth and survival. We have a long journey ahead of us, but by expressing our own vulnerability can deeply move others. Let our voices be heard!


Hello world.

My name is Megs. I am a woman. I am human. I am an artist. And I am a survivor of sexual assault. As we all stand, grow and survive together in this time of change, I’ve created this blog, I Am a Survivor Project as a safe haven and reminder of who we are. To have our voices heard, build human connection, and support each other.

I am a survivor of childhood sexual assault. I, personally, spent over a decade identifying myself as a “victim”, afraid to trust someone new in my life, and at times, could not look past the painful memories. Living life day by day thinking one will forever be a “victim” of sexual assault and/or domestic violence shatters one’s self-esteem and generates insecurity.

I’d created a silkscreen project called i am a survivor back in 2013. The purpose of i am a survivor was (and is) to remind survivors of all genders, sexualities, ages, and race/cultures they are not victims, but survivors. In other words, i am a survivor was to help raise self-awareness and not dwell in the negativity of the word “victim”.

Since 2013, I’ve delivered and spoken about i am a survivor to survivors and artists, and as of now in 2017, this initial creative mission has grown to be known as I Am a Survivor Project. I Am a Survivor Project is to remind survivors of sexual assault, survivors of domestic violence, and survivors of discrimination that they’re all survivors, and they are not alone. My hope is to express this positive message in different ways from a card one carries in one’s pocket to seeing the self in a public mirror. I will continue to create i am a survivor cards, and I plan to place them in public spaces within my community of Portland, OR. I encourage everyone in not just Portland, but WORLDWIDE to spread this message, whether it’s writing i am a survivor on public and private mirrors, in notebooks and journals, by raising your voice and announcing you’re a survivor, and/or creating your own images that express who you are. Don’t be afraid to tell your story. I Am a Survivor Project represents personal and community growth, surviving and overcoming physical traumas, and ending sexual violence and discrimination.

Feel free to share your story and document your message. I will be making, creating and building for the days to come. I will place i am a survivor cards in public spaces, and share my documentation of where I’d placed them. I’ve also created a Facebook page, @iamasurvivorproject, and an Instagram account (also under the same name), where we all can share our journeys together as well.

Lets make a difference!

The memories will continue to haunt us, but they won’t define us.