Dear reader,

When I began this project initially four years ago, I created twenty cards with one message. The cards were and are simplistic, small, and most importantly, full of hope and confidence. The font on the i am a survivor cards is my own handwriting when I was six years old. I was sexually assaulted at the age of six.

The first time I presented the i am a survivor cards was to a room full of printmakers in the fall of 2013. The concept for the class was to take something private and make it public, or vice versa. I mentioned then how one could place a card in one’s pocket, or wallet; to carry the message wherever you go. A fellow classmate asked if they could have a card after my presentation, and said they were going to place it on their car’s sun visor.

Whether one keeps it within one’s pocket, attaches to a car’s sun visor, or posts it on a personal billboard, the i am a survivor cards become little notes of confidence, which a survivor could look back on. I Am a Survivor Project and i am a survivor cards wish to not have a survivor share one’s story right away. All survivors, including myself, go at our own pace and healing process. My hope is that these notes of confidence will help build a supportive community, speak a truth, create a positive change in survivors’ lives, and heal together.

Love, Megs

P.S. A friend of mine and I discussed how one could write what one’s a survivor of in the blank space, if wished to do so.