I, Megs, will place a i am a survivor card in any public space that is outside my daily routine. I will, however, place a i am a survivor card where I think it will seem fit within the public. My hope is that it will inspire and give hope, as well as confidence to whoever finds it. I, unfortunately, will not be able to leave a card in a public space everyday due to personal responsibilities. I happily encourage others to place cards within the public on their own time and comfort, documentation or no documentation. The more the merrier!

Since I Am a Survivor Project is slowly growing, there might be future changes to be made, and I Am a Survivor Project will adjust where it seems fit.


I will photograph every i am a survivor card I place in a public space. I’ll post each photograph on social media platforms I Am a Survivor Project has an account with, which includes Instagram and Facebook (some more than others). I’ll also (and most importantly) post each photograph on the I Am a Survivor Project blog ( with a description that will be most relevant to a particular card, a hint to a card’s location, and/or inspirational words. I usually like to make sure my posts are spelling- and grammar-error free, but if there’s a typo here or there, no biggie.


Additionally, I will post other artworks that relate to I Am a Survivor Project’s mission, as well as additional works that bring awareness to other important issues I Am a Survivor Project wishes to support.


I will most definitely be happy to help encourage others to positively express themselves, and be there if one needs a listening ear. I will also reach out to other community groups and help where I can.

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